Care of Stray Abandoned Dogs

DOGS WELFARE TRUST was formed in early 2012, to assist in the care and re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs.

In 2014 we signed an agreement with the municipal animal shelter of Adeje and take care of all medical costs and assist in finding homes, for the dogs in the shelter.

We have now been able to legalize a Veterinary Clinic sin lucro within the shelter, to attend to the dogs We are told that this is a first here.

We also have a programme of assistance for those dog owners who may have difficulty in funding medical treatment for their pets.

Our emphasis is and always will be, the re-homing of dogs and to that end all adoptions done through the Charity are without cost to the person adopting a dog.

Tenerife Charity
When Dogs Welfare Trust Tenerife was formed, it was with the idea of taking dogs out of Refuges.

Whilst we all realize that Refuges are necessary, the less time a dog spends in a Refuge, the better.

Our policy from the beginning was to make available the adoption of a Dog to everyone.
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Please help us Earn Money for Dogs Welfare Trust Tenerife by doing your Online Shopping Here

Please help us Earn Money for Dogs Welfare Trust Tenerife by doing your Online Shopping Here


Donations please email or call our Volunteers on 658 986742

President Janet de la Rosa

Treasurer Neil Bryant

Administration Susana Grande Calderon and Holanda Diaz Mendoza Telephone: 922 750732 / 92 Fax 922 796866

Heather Rose Briggs, MSc. MCIPR.

Agricultural Economist

Senior Sector Manager
Agriculture and Production Animal
Mistral PR

Heather is a fluent spanish speaker having previously lived in Tenerife for twenty one years.
She brings to our Association, a wealth of knowledge and contacts world wide and will be on hand at all times to advise us on environmental and health issues regarding the dogs in our care.
She joins us complete with many world wide experts on dog care, rescue and re-homing.

Senior Sector Manager Heather Briggs MSc MCIPR has been involved with animals both large and small for many years.
International in outlook, Heather is bilingual in English and Spanish.
She has an MSc in Agricultural Economics and is a member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists.
Heather maintains excellent relations with press, both national and international.
She also has experience in communicating within the agricultural sector, including inviting media to events (national and international), coordinating and managing media at events.
Recent courses attended include: 'Planning and developing a PR strategy', 'Seven ways to monetize Facebook for your business' and 'Crisis Communications'.

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Whilst Our Aim is to Place Our Rescued Dogs in a Permanent Home we would also Welcome Foster Parents.

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