Care of Stray Abandoned Dogs

DOGS WELFARE TRUST was formed in early 2012, to assist in the care and re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs.

In 2014 we signed an agreement with the municipal animal shelter of Adeje and take care of all medical costs and assist in finding homes, for the dogs in the shelter.

We have now been able to legalize a Veterinary Clinic sin lucro within the shelter, to attend to the dogs We are told that this is a first here.

We also have a programme of assistance for those dog owners who may have difficulty in funding medical treatment for their pets.

Our emphasis is and always will be, the re-homing of dogs and to that end all adoptions done through the Charity are without cost to the person adopting a dog.

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Re-homing and Fostering
Whilst our aim is to place our rescued dogs in a permanent home we would also welcome foster parents.
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Rehoming & Fostering a Dog
Whilst Our Aim is to Place Our Rescued Dogs in a Permanent Home we would also Welcome Foster Parents.

Please Contact us for Further Information.
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